clock & barometer repairs
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I want you to be confident about the quality of any work that I undertake on your clock or barometer movement so, save for the exceptions given (and in addition to your full Statutory rights), I guarantee my work for 12 months from the date of collection/shipment in the terms below:




Subject to receiving payment in full prior to returning your item to you, I guarantee:

  • All new parts against manufacturing defect for one year unless otherwise stated. If a part that I have supplied and fitted fails and the item is returned to me at your expense within this guarantee period, I will replace or repair it free of charge save for postage costs.
  • All repair, full-strip servicing, overhauls and restoration against faulty materials and workmanship for one year unless otherwise stated. This guarantee applies only to the actual work performed by me and does not extend to include any related or other parts or components that did not form part of the physical repair. If the repair fails and the item is returned to me at your expense within the guaranteed period, I will correct the repair free of charge, save that I remain entitled to charge for any return postage costs, and additional parts and labour required for any extra work necessary or requested beyond the scope of the original repair.


  • Batteries.
  • Normal wear and tear, discolouration, aging, or corrosion.
  • Failure caused by mistreatment, negligent misuse, accidental damage or owner interference.
  • Any predictable failure following a "part-strip service" including ultrasonic cleaning of any 20C striking or quarter-chiming clock movement. This is because cleaning isn't a panacea and will not repair damage or any worn mechanical parts. (However, if the movement runs successfully after such a clean and then fails within 3 months, I will offset half the payment you have already made against the cost of a full strip down and overhaul).
  • Any damage to an item returned to you by post or courier. (I pack to withstand the rigors of normal transit but cannot protect against poor handling. However, if you meet the postage costs both ways I will correct, without charge, any simple set up problem that has arisen in transit, but subsequent transit issues arising after the first time will be chargeable at my discretion).