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I prefer email to phone calls because it does not interrupt my working day and it's especially useful if you have some photographs that you want to show me. There are three simple ways to email me:

a. If you are used to email protocols, use:

web.enqs @ horologica . co . uk (leaving out the spaces).

b. Alternatively, click here and it will open your mail program and begin a new pre-addressed email.

c. If you're still unsure, just click on the grey tab LEFT.

Because of aggressive spam filters on some email servers please include a phone number in case my reply is bounced; if you don't get a response within 48 hours, you can assume my reply has been filtered out by your mail server (or that I'm away enjoying myself somewhere). By the way, for those wondering about GDPR, the information you give will only be used in connection with your enquiry and will not be stored by me so you needn't worry about spam marketing from me or anyone else later.


You can reach me on 01277 658800 but I get so many unsolicited calls that I often don't answer withheld numbers so if your number is withheld by default use the prefix 1470. If I can't take the call, you'll have time to leave a short message and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.


Please do not just post things to me without contacting me first as you'll need a fuller address and your parcel is liable to be returned.


I spend some time on house visits and just enjoying retirement so I can only see people by appointment. Please don't just turn up without telling me as you will not get an answer (I could be out or busy in my noisy workshop). I try to make time most days during the week for deliveries and collections but not evenings or weekends I'm afraid - that's family time.

Finally, a brief word on payment. Cash and cheques (drawn on a UK sterling account) are acceptable but cheques must clear first. I make no profit from this hobby so I don't need the hassle of chasing up bounced cheques after releasing an item in good faith. If you're not local and can't wait, I have an account with PayPal which means you can pay by credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, or Solo) but I will only ship to a PayPal confirmed address for similar reasons. My preference, however, is a BACS transfer, which costs nothing and can be done in a minute via online or telephone banking.

I won't post any clocks overseas because of the transit risks and Customs hassles.



  • My office tower clock
  • St Mary Magdelen church clock, Billericay
  • Maningtree clock, with its numbers in the wrong order
  • My garden armilliary
  • Big Ben having its face washed, usually every five years