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watch repairs @ Franklin Time

I do not repair watches of any description but if you have a wristwatch in need of servicing or repair, try Joe Franklin of Franklin Time. He has premises close by and repairs mid-to-high range vintage and modern, mechanical and quartz watches, including automatics, chronographs and chronometers and is very competitively priced but please note that he no longer repairs pocket watches of any sort.

Joe will fit a new battery to your quartz watch while you wait and if you ask, he'll reseal the back and test it to 10ATM, too. He also fits new seals, gaskets, crowns, buttons, glasses, straps, bracelets and can handle case, bracelet and dial restorations, too. If you're not local, he also operates a postal service using Royal Mail's Special (next day) Delivery. However, he is really busy and at times has to hold back on what he can do so check out his website before contacting him.

If you have an Omega, a Longines, a Tissot (or any watch by one of their sister companies), you probably already know that the parent company, Swatch Group, began refusing to supply parts to independent repairers in 2015, forcing watch-owners to go to more expensive Swatch-approved repairers (who often charge twice as much) and their action has placed the UK watch repair industry in jeopardy.

One of the main UK parts-suppliers near to me is currently engaged in a legal action against Swatch to test the legality of this anti-competitive practice but it could be years before a binding decision is made. Meanwhile some parts can still be obtained from Swatch-registered suppliers and there are also generic alternatives so check with Joe first.

Although I don't work on them, I do like mechanical watches, especially Omega chronometers (including chronographs) and I am sure to have a few for sale, starting at around £600 if you should be interested. They are all kept in good condition mechanically and most come with papers but I do prefer to wear my watches rather than mount them in frames just to admire so on the whole they won't be factory mint!



  • uncommon Omega 2598.80 automatic chronograph with wavy blue background
  • ubiquitous Omega 2551.80 automatic chronometer with wavy blue background
  • unusual Omega 2501.21 elegant automatic chronometer
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