Welcome, to anyone sad enough to read this.

I repair clocks, but only as a spare time hobby and for no profit – everything I receive from carrying out repairs for owners goes into funding my hobby, mostly just to cover the cost of cleaning and servicing clocks like books and manuals, the Horolene used to remove dirt and grease from plates and pinions, the pegwood to finish off the pivot holes, the brushes, drills, reamers, bushes, polish, wire, screwdrivers, hand lifters, Marblack, oil, silver nitrate and many other things that help the clock to look and run better, and the screws, washers, circlips, suspensions, lines, springs, pins, collets, and many other parts to replace the missing or chewed up ones.

Horology ticks! But it’s not exactly a team sport, so it can be a little insular, save for contact with like-minded horologists or bearded engineers. This is my link to the sanity of the outside world!

(Unfortunately, I have had to remove the opportunity to leave comments because a load of spam started pouring in – sadder people even than me! Actually, they’re not people at all, they’re spambots harvesting email addresses so if you feel compelled to make a comment then as you’re reading this I know you’re a real human, you can go to my Contact page and there you will find a way of reaching me).

horologicawhere only time will tell.