clock & barometer repairs
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home visits and Covid

Horology is just a spare time hobby so I repair clocks when time permits and this is why it suits me when owners to bring their clocks to me and then collect them afterwards.

I also handle some by post but you must be prepared to accept all the transit risks. Damage can result that no courier will take responsibility for, such as glass breakage, and antiques and clocks are often excluded from their carriage terms. Also, a clock movement can be knocked out of beat by mishandling, no matter how well packed it is. I tend to use the same packing for return that you use unless I think it's completely inadequate so it's rare that the cost of return is more than you paid to send it to me, save that I prefer to arrange courier collection.

Occasionally I am asked to make house calls, attending the owner's home to perform some repair work in situ, including untangling weight lines, setting a clock in beat, anchoring a longcase clock to the wall for stability, moving a clock from one location to another and setting it up again, diagnosing an intermittent problem - generally things that cannot be done off-site. I cannot overhaul clocks on site because my lathes, pillar drill, bushing machine etc are all far too heavy and cumbersome to transport, and you wouldn't want oil, chemicals and ammonia on your best carpet, would you.

Pre-Covid-19, I accommodated many such requests but since Covid I have stopped. And given the long term nature of the pandemic, it's unlikely that I will ever return to offering house visits; it's just a hobby and I am not reliant on horology to make a living so I am not keen to expose myself or my family to unnecessary risks. If you desperately need a house visit, email me your address and I'll try my contacts to help you.